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Volunteering is the new green, help us, help you.

The Home Treasures Volunteers (that’s you) are the heartbeat of the organization. They enrich the Home Treasures family by bringing their own unique experiences. As part of this team, you are a valuable source of new ideas, interests and knowledge. You are the essential component to our organization, and the reason why we are able to exist today.

Volunteering with Home Treasures will not only allow you to help and support the communities we serve but also to become part of the Home Treasures Volunteer community. This is the fun part! Home Treasures Volunteers should enjoy telling their friends and family that they belong to a unique, creative organization that is GREEN, caring, and tuned into today’s trend and fashions.

Home Treasures Volunteers are part of a specially formed team of like-minded people who rally their efforts to contribute to a greater sense of community support and spirit. We check our negativity at the door and focus our efforts on the greater good which begins with a friendly, welcoming work environment. We are all here for the same reason and share in the Vision: To nurture fulfilling experiences by providing life’s nice and necessary items to our community. This community includes customers, donators, those in need, and YOU!

You will find that the partnership between volunteers, staff and board members is one of mutual respect, honesty and commitment. That’s what makes us so effective and successful. It is every team member’s responsibility to uphold this relationship. Together we can go forward and make great things happen in our community.

We believe in our Volunteers, and we believe in our purpose. We hope to create a community of people engaged in volunteering by providing the necessary support, opportunities and environment for each person to thrive.
Home Treasures will seek out and offer volunteers the opportunity to participate in personal and professional development courses as funding permits. Each month we will host an in-house workshop for your development. We promise to share relevant information that is INTERESTING!
In the Home Treasures environment there are many opportunities to sharpen your skill set. We will seek and provide opportunities to attend certified courses, and training opportunities. These also exist in store! Why not learn how to use a POS system? Interested in social media? There are endless avenues to explore – all we ask is that you try!
Each year the Store Manager will provide a Volunteer Review for a skills assessment. This is a great platform for both parties to discuss and evaluate the relationship. We want to ensure everyone is being “heard” and is happy. This informal Road Map will lay out the path forward.
Each year Home Treasures participates in 3 volunteer events. These include:

– Cochrane Volunteer Week

– Summer BBQ

– Christmas Party.  Your Store Manager will provide you with information about dates, themes, and opportunities well in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Each year you will have the opportunity to nominate one of your peers in the following categories:


A person who demonstrates a keen understanding of improving and is always striving to “make things better” for everyone. An entrepreneur is always thinking about hair-brained ideas and has the courage to make suggestions and follow through.

Oh My Lanta

A person who makes you say just that! A fun loving, easy going person who makes the day more enjoyable. Their positivity is infectious and you can’t help but smile while you are around them. They have the charisma and charm to make it out of any situation and leaves everyone feeling good.

Orange, Red and Brown

This person represents Home Treasures in all that they do. They understand the vision, the mission and goals and ensure that all that is done is in line with these. They keep everyone in check, and rally the team together to accomplish the impossible.

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